Balancing the heart and the intellect

Do you want to change something in your business or life? Have you lost track of your dreams and visions through the years and want to give them space in your life once more? Do you have the feeling that you’re being lived instead of truly living for yourself?

Finding the balance between the heart and intellect in a society that is driven by facts and deadlines requires courage. However, it’s worthwhile because we only have one life to live.

As a coach, I will support you in seeing more clearly what is truly important, and I will guide you through the first steps in your change process. Every coaching project is individually designed based on your current situation and goals. Trust is the most important requirement in working together. For this reason, we will find out together in a free test coaching session (in person or over the telephone) as to whether we fit as coach and client.

I look forward to meeting you!


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Reigniting the inner fire

Taking on a leadership role

Becoming an entrepreneur with soul and stewardship

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Customer feedback

  • “Barbara has a wonderful style of bringing calamity into the debate and ensured everyone was sharing and participating in the discussion…”

    Peter Hayward – INTEL - Workshop for In-House Coaches

  • “When I first began with the coaching, I was just about to become a partner in a company. Barbara helped me to ignite my entrepreneurial fire and to start this new phase of my career with enthusiasm, self-assurance, and vigor."

    A, entrepreneur – Augsburg, Germany

  • “From the very beginning, her talk was like an inspiring journey that provided valuable enrichment to our business meeting; and the listeners took their impressions home with them, bringing them both into their businesses and into their families as well."

    Tamara Weinzierl – BFBM – Regensburg, Germany

  • “In a powerful 5 hours Barbara really helped our internal team of professional coaches ground themselves on the essentials of what we do and how we work together…”

    Peter Hayward – INTEL - Workshop for In-House Coaches

  • “Barbara is a coach and human being with great conscientiousness, straightforwardness, and wisdom. In more than a year of work with her, she was a magical source of support who brought me exactly where I really want to be and where I belong! With her unmistakable style, her coaching is profound and insightful, gentle yet tough. She radiates passion, confidence, knowledge, and a good measure of humor, which makes her coaching trustworthy, simple, and sound. It makes one delight in change!”

    F. – psychologist, Fürth – Germany

  • “…I am very pleased and happy with the work done in our coaching. Thank you for the great questions and the reflections you added…”

    F, Leadership Coach – Seattle, USA - Coaching