There are things in this world that may not go together at all upon first glance; but when seen with open eyes, they can be connected. Based on my years of experience, this is the only way to produce sustainability: bringing together opposites, because that’s the birthplace of a new worldview.

I'm a citizen of the world and a passionate nonconformist. I love to discover wild, untouched places both in nature and in business.

In my professional life, I’ve recognized the necessity of getting to the bottom of things with self-confidence and courage. Stories are an important resource in this process because they bring to light the things that are truly important to people and to businesses.

Despite my success, I’ve remained down-to-earth. My Bavarian sense of humor helps me to draw out a bit of hearty laughter from people in any situation. As an entrepreneur, I’ve realized that strategy alone is not enough: businesses need a soul in order to achieve sustainable success. Established management approaches offer little support in this area. I’ve found valuable sources in Native American and other cultures.

These have become my guide. I generate inspiration for my life and businesses from this great cultural heritage with its wealth of wisdom. Using this valuable experience, I’m able to empower many other people as a coach.

A journey through the phases of my life – only she who can let go will give her own fire room to breathe, and thus keep the good in life alive.

Curriculum Vitae

Coaching focus areas

  • life thresholds95%
  • change processes90%
  • search for meaning80%
  • executive coaching70%
  • team coaching50%

About me

As a human being, I’m always searching for more depth. In doing so, nature is one of the most valuable resources, and it provides me with a constant source of energy. I see the search for wisdom as my own exciting life path. For this reason, I spend several weeks out of the year doing retreats in untouched nature in order to gather new energy and be fully present for my businesses, employees, and clients. It’s important to me that I myself live the things that I tell others as a coach. This is a dance that’s admittedly not always easy in our fast-paced world. For this very reason, it’s important to me to inspire others with my path.


As human beings, we long for more naturalness, whether in business or our private lives. That’s why I use one of the most powerful tools that are available to me as a coach: nature. In my work with groups and individuals, I connect metaphors from nature with business and life situations. These experiences provide a sustainable basis for change processes. I believe in the connection between old and new knowledge. For this reason, my work includes a lot of wisdom that previous generations have used, people for whom it was still completely normal to live as a community, to speak from the core of the heart, and to live in a natural rhythm.