How can managers master the challenges of our time? What are the values that give them true leadership power? And how do they manage to give their employees room for their own personal development, which ultimately leads to success and the fulfillment of their company’s vision?

Currencies and economic systems fluctuate, traditional structures crumble, and even major companies that were once seen as “safe” end up closing or laying off their employees in droves. Where do we go from here? How can managers master the challenges of our times – on both a personnel and a personal level? And what contribution is required from each employee in order to remain fit and effectual and to provide a lasting contribution to the company’s success? The ancient image of the chief and his clan is a metaphor that modern managers and employees can apply to themselves: What makes a chief? What rites must he or she perform in order to grow into a true leader? What values does he or she embody in order to provide peace that can last through crises? And how can we make a harmonious, powerful clan wherein each member has enough room for their own personal vision and spiritual growth? That’s what this book is all about. ​


• Part 1: The Chief: balance in person
• Part 2: Company as Wheel: natural cycles of growth
• Part 3: The Clan: from a chaotic crowd to a strong troop

The target group

• executives / managers / leaders
• project heads / team leads / human resource developers

All employees who would like to be part of a company whose goals match their own personal goals and whose leaders they can fully trust.

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